Opening a door via text message

Here’s our office door, which is now able to be opened and closed via a text message. Goodbye keys!

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that I use Twilio to handle the text message sending and receiving.

You can view the code in this github repo.

Thanks to all the people that wrote the majority of this code, including Bean, who made GET work, parallax, and all the other people listed in the source.

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  7. Cool stuff :) But I need answer on one question? Did you writhe “program” which tell server to open/close door and embed him or you used some all ready written program?

  8. Question: Sometimes when I text, it can take several minutes before the person receives the message. Has your device behaved this way thus far?

  9. My mom’s students’ already did that thing years ago. Philippines rock than this.We can even do anything in our house. What an immature creation.

  10. I wonder what happens if the mechanism fails. Can you still open it with a key if you have to? Can you get enough torque on the key to bend the pipe strap?


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  12. @Ulquiorra: What an idiot! Your English is horrible. What the hell does ” Philippines rock than this” mean?
    If you have nothing good to say, then why not say nothing at all??

  13. I already found the web spinnerette server for some fifty bucks. No what servo do you recommend? My door set up is pretty much identical to the one in the video. But there are many, many servos in the market.. any help you can give us all?



  14. I am very interested in making this very awesome device you have made.I have very little experience with programing and electronics but, this seems like a project that I could tackle with a step by step set of instructions.I see online the link to purchase the mini server. That is way to cool. Can you please help me out to make my own device? All I would need is instructions and a list of materials. I could work out the mechanism that you make with the copper pipe clamp and stuff, no prob. The other stuff would be a challenge for me.

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  20. I would suggest powering down the servo when it’s not actively changing states. That way you can still operate the door lock normally without fighting against the servo. Maybe using an opto-isolator, or just powering it directly from whatever microcontroller that is you are using.

    What is that unit anyway?

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  22. Billy–

    GREAT solid work– don’t pay any attention to those bad comments. You have done some very good work– I may have to ask for your help as I load this up (mines a little twist– it’s to make a birthday card for my Mom! Still need to work a servo, tho– this is perfect!!!!) Any way– thanks!!!!!!


  24. What about caller/text ID spoofing? Isn’t it fairly easy to fake an incoming text number to another “receiver”

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  31. I am very interested in making this project its so cool but is there a step by step tutorial as to how to input the code and how you set it up. The mechanism isn’t a problem I just want to know how it was set up for a cell phone. If you have an online tutorial could you send it to me?

  32. I want to build this too and also need just a little bit more detail. What power supply(s) were used? It appears as though the servo wire may be connected to a relay, is that correct?

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