Email Emergency Alert System

This is an open letter to the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau

The current Emergency Alert System takes advantage of tv networks to deliver crucial information in the event of an emergency.

As someone who spends much more time online instead of watching tv, I would like to propose a new system that is more in sync with today’s technology.

There should be a national Email Emergency Alert System (EEAS) that people can voluntarily sign up for. E-mailing the list would be reserved only for Emergencies. The user can also optionally give their zip code so that the EEAS could additionally give local emergency information (such as a tornado touching down or a flash flood warning)

The service could also be created in such a way that other departments could initiate an emergency, allowing for a decentralized alert system that can quickly reach the people it needs to reach.

Please seriously consider this enhancement to an archaic system. And please, whatever you do, do not send out test e-mails that test the system. We’ll get them.


Billy Chasen

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